Topas Therapeutics is a Hamburg/Germany based biotech company that develops products to restore or induce antigen-specific tolerance. The underlying invention was made at the University of Hamburg (Prof. Dr. Johannes Herkel et al.).

Topas Therapeutics was founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs and by Bionamics, an asset management company that was acquired by Evotec in spring 2014. In March 2016 a Series A financing was concluded that provided Topas Therapeutics with € 14 Mio through investments of Epidarex Capital (Lead), Evotec (Co-Lead), EMBL Ventures and Gimv.

In 2016, Topas moved its offices and laboratories to the Center of Innovative Medicines (CIM) in Hamburg, next to the campus of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).