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Topas Therapeutics GmbH

Falkenried 88, Haus A
20251 Hamburg GERMANY

+49 40 302089010

Transforming the field of immune tolerance with a novel antigen-specific and targeted nanoparticle technology

About us

Topas Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a mission to deliver novel, disease-modifying treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. At Topas we are developing a proprietary platform of antigen-specific nanoparticle conjugates uniquely positioned to address major unmet need in T-cell mediated diseases in a targeted manner.

The Challenge

Current treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases relies on symptomatic relief, with limited disease-modifying effects, and considerable risk of immune suppression.

Treatment of autoimmune diseases has relied on the use of broad immunosuppressant agents that, while delivering symptomatic relief, are not targeted to the underlying molecular mechanism. Therefore, they lack disease-modifying effects. Available therapies have significant long-term side effects, and, because of their untargeted and immunosuppressive nature, they interfere with defense mechanisms necessary to fight pathogens and malignancies. Targeting the loss of tolerance to self- or immunogenic antigens, which is the cause of autoimmune antigen-driven diseases, represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of those diseases.

TOPAS Solution

Our nanoparticle technology represents a paradigm shift compared to current immunotherapies that broadly modulate or suppress the immune response.

Topas antigen-specific proprietary nanoparticle technology leverages the natural tolerogenic power of the liver. Topas nanoparticle conjugates (TPC) are designed for targeted delivery into the liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs), leading to antigen-specific tolerance, fast and rapid clearance from circulation and avoiding undesired systemic and immune reactions.

Tolerance induction by the LSECs results in a robust, long-lasting natural immunomodulatory induction of regulatory T cells (Tregs), a critically important type of immune cell for maintaining immune tolerance. TPCs are covered by solid IP and our efforts have led so far to two programs advancing into the clinic.


BIO International Convention 2024

San Diego, California

June 03-06, 2024