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Topas Therapeutics GmbH

Falkenried 88, Haus A
20251 Hamburg GERMANY

+49 40 302089010

Topas innovative platform technology is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative, targeted therapies for patients with immune-driven diseases.

About us

At Topas, we are developing antigen-specific proprietary nanoparticles, called TPCs (Topas Particle Conjugates).

TPCs are uniquely engineered to restore and promote immune tolerance by targeting liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs) and harnessing antigen-specific immune tolerance mechanisms of the liver. Our technology has delivered to date two clinical candidates: TPM203 (Phase 1 pemphigus vulgaris) and TPM 502 (Phase 2 celiac disease).

Our Team

Topas has a seasoned team with extensive international biotech and pharmaceutical experience.


Topas is supported by a strong group of top-tier strategic life science investors.